My sincere gratitude for a truly great experience. Perfect Body gets rave Reviews!

“I am writing this letter after I was politely asked to share my experience at Perfect Body Laser in Bay Shore NY. It is with great pleasure, pride and excitement that I share my story with any Customers who have not been or are considering going to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics. I will admit, I was referred to Perfect Body by a well known Surgeon so I knew I might be treated good, but I had no idea that I would be treated this good!

My Husband and I are mutual friends with a wonderful and well known Plastic Surgeon, Dr Hilton Adler of Suffolk Plastic Surgeons PC in Stony Brook. Our mutual friend had been asking me to go to Dr Adler for a consultation for years about some loose skin that had been plaguing me for over a decade. I was reluctant until one day I ran into DR Adler and began speaking with him about any non-invasive options. We both understood that I have a tremendous respect for him as a renowned Surgeon but also shared the same understanding that I would not go under the knife under any circumstances. During this conversation Dr Adler suggested that I consider a place named “Perfect Body Laser” in Bay Shore, NY. The following day he called me with the name and personal cell phone number of the Owner and Founder of Perfect Body, Patrick. I was told that Patrick was expecting my call and that I should call at my leisure.

About a week went by and I decided to call Perfect Body to arrange a Consultation. It wasn’t until yesterday that I found the time to call Patrick from Perfect Body to discuss my concern. I called and spent over a half hour with him on the phone. He was extremely pleasant and refreshing to speak with. He understood my concerns and I booked a consultation to sit with him, personally. That consultation took place today, June 30, 2013.

All I can say is WOW! When I arrived at Perfect Body I was delighted by the look, the feel, the smell, the texture of the decor and the overall atmosphere. It was as if there was something pleasing my every sense, actually there was. The Professionalism and attention to detail reminded me of when my husband and I took a cruise to Belize in 2009 on a Paul Gauguin Cruise-liner. Nothing was out of place, the staff was genuinely smiling and happy and it was delightful to be sharing that moment in time with complete strangers. EVERYTHING FELT RIGHT..

Normally, my husband would have been accompanying me for anything that involves money or “procedures”, or both, however he too was confident with Patrick after learning of the recommendation from Dr Adler and my speaking highly of my experience with Patrick on the phone. I decided to go to Perfect Body for the Consultation alone, for me. This time it was all about me! I raised 3 children, I am a wonderful wife, I worked hard my whole life along side my husband, and I felt compelled to do something that could give myself a boost of self confidence. After all, It had been something that just bothered me for some time now. This was long overdue.

Meeting with Patrick sealed the deal! He was very sweet, humble and empathic. I truly felt comfortable with him and his judgement of Staff. We spent about 90 minutes going over the particulars of procedures and cost. During that time I was pampered, and not by design. His staff literally knocked twice on his door to offer us coffee or water. More impressive than the offer was the attention to detail on the water bottles and coffee cup. everything says Perfect Body. Nothing about Perfect Body is generic!
It was a sweet and caring environment, a place that I knew I would be treated well, and I was.

After Patrick and I did some schedule rearranging, we decided that I would be able to do my procedure that same day. I was jittery at first but I think the jitters lasted less than 5 seconds. Thats when I realized that I was finally going to achieve the “refreshing” look I had yearned for for the past 9-10 years. I was elated! I was confident and ready!

My Aesthetician Nikki Keller was absolutely amazing! She has been at Perfect Body for five years and was one of the most proficient, experienced and professional at doing my procedure. She had done in excess of 1000+ of these before! I didn’t even realize (until speaking with Nikki) that Perfect Body is known (by Thermage) as the top Thermage Provider in NY, and they are a Top 5 Provider of Thermage in the entire United States.

I came out of the room glowing with excitement and I was beaming with happiness.. The treatment was so wonderful. Nikki literally did one side of my face and neck and showed me with a mirror the difference before completing the untreated side. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!

I can say with full confidence that Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is a very special place. The place is immaculate and professional. The People who work here actually care about people. They literally take every opportunity to make people feel better, at every level.

I would highly recommend Perfect Body Laser to anyone. Thank you so much for being so great. It is a comfort to know there are still really great people doing great things in todays uncertain world!”


Jodie K. of Port Jefferson, NY

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Bay Shore, NY 11706

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Bay Shore, NY 11706

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Getting Clients ready for Summer 2013!!

Perfect Body Laser Complaint, Review, Comment, Testimonial

“The staff at Perfect Body was so friendly and I had a great experience now and before when I originally received my 1st  treatment a couple of years ago.  Even though the place is so much more popular than it was in 2008, they remembered me like it was yesterday.  A Good Experience, again.”  

Nickesha S.    of Lindenhurst, NY

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Video

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Video

Perfect Body Laser Client Testimonial Review

“A few latitudes of gratitude for all you’ve done! What a great place to come! I enjoyed being a client here. Everyone at Perfect Body was great!”

Walter M.   of Holbrook, NY

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Doctors Review, Ratings

“I was very hesitant and concerned about my decision to go through with these procedures. Everyone here is so lovely and i have no longer any reservations. Thank you for this wonderful experience. I see the difference already and I can’t wait to show off the full results in the next 10 months when they are even more evident. Thank you!”

R. Wild,  Medical Doctor,  of Rockville Center, NY

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“Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is, hands down, the best there is! From the moment I walked into their office, everyone there made me feel like I was the most important person on their schedule. Even in the initial consultation, Patrick (Senior Consultant / Director) stayed in the exam room, listening to my questions, explaining procedures and providing explanations to his thoughts, all the while, offering me his confident reassurance. Only a man of his stature, could radiate confidence with such great humility, like he does! This man is no joke…he is amazing and he changed my life! Thank you Patrick and staff for helping me finally become the woman I’ve always wanted to see starting back at me in the mirror.”

Diane L.  West Babylon, NY

Perfect Body Laser Review / Testimonial

This was my third experience getting laser tattoo removal procedures at Perfect Body, NY. I would definitely recommend it. The facility is beautiful, clean, and relaxing. The Adult Nurse Practitioner, Michele, is professional and  friendly. It is a personal atmosphere with great prices. I have been to several Consultations for this procedure and decided on Perfect Body Laser.  I am happy with the prices and results for my tattoo (considering the new equipment they use). Healing was fast and my tattoo is almost faded!”

Lisa D.  of  Smithtown, NY,

Laser Tattoo Removal

Perfect Body Laser Review for Laser Hair Removal, Client Testimonial



“Petrified to have a non- MD aim a laser at your body? I was. I had heard horror stories about burns, side effects, and unsanitary “spa” conditions.

Perfect Body Laser does NOT have these issues.

I have heard and seen Perfect Body Laser EVERYWHERE!

I wavered for a long time, “should I?” or “shouldn’t I?”. When I saw a Groupon for another Spa, and then read their horrible reviews I decided to suck it up and make an appointment to go to Perfect Body, rather than rolling dice with my skin through a GROUPON. I would never let a company touch me who uses Groupon, bad judgment! this is my body!

Realizing laser is an investment, I did my research on Perfect Body Laser before I actually went to the Consultation.

I can’t express how impressed I was with the location. In a really awesome venue that is top-notch! I was getting my hair roots\follicles lasered away while awesome music from XM Radio was playing in my treatment room. I still find this delightfully amusing.

Upon entering Perfect Body I was able to read up on the technology they had, services they offer, and enjoy fashion magazine (or two). I also noticed that Perfect Body Laser had been featured in the 2013 June issue of IMAGE Magazine, as it was framed in mahogany on the wall in the waiting suite. Next to the treatment desk there were heart shaped stress balls to grab for laser pain (or the pain of life outside Perfect Body).

Kelly was my Esthetician and she was a blast. I had three ares “treated” and was a little (okay a lot) embarrassed to be undressed in front of a stranger. Kelly could not have made me more comfortable. She reassured me that she does this for a living. She sees naked people all the time and has been in this industry for years. She explained the benefits to doing any area I thought I may want now (so I don’t end up coming to be treated for years) and how the process would work.

{If you’re going to get any variation of the bikini you will be bottomless. If you are coming from work I suggest bringing a tank top you can throw on so you’ll feel comfortable and less exposed.} They put me in a Plush Embroidered Robe. I literally begged for one after treatment (and got one from a Manager, free). Good People. Better, Smart People! Small things go a long way with me.

Having someone who has done this for years and is informed and articulate put me at ease. I wasn’t worried about the pain, but the Cynosure Elite MPX has have some sort of built in air chiller to combat the heat of the laser. My skin was completely numb from the cold air. It was a relief and It hurt less than getting my eyebrows threaded. The results have been fantastic. I’ve only gone for one session and already my armpits are SO SMOOTH. I wish I had begun this process years ago.

I’m so grateful for Perfect Body Laser for being clean, safe, and all around friendly. Don’t you hate when you see a new technician and feel judged or like you are inconveniencing them? This isn’t that place.

Perfect Body has the MPX Cynosure laser which is supposed to be the very best out there for Laser Hair Removal.

I strongly recommend this place.”

Sarah W. Manhattan, NY

Perfect Body Laser Reviews and Testimonials for Thermage CPT Long Island, NY

“The staff’s over all attitude and politeness at Perfect Body Laser was really good. My consultant did an excellent job explaining my cosmetic options. The Thermage CPT Treatment went well. My Nurse Alaina was a sweetheart and she took good care of me. Kudos and thanks to the rest of the Staff

Damaris R. of Copiague, NY