Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Review

December 12, 2013

I gave Perfect Body 5 stars because after my 2nd visit with them, I still haven’t found anything I dislike. I have been going in for Laser Hair Removal after purchasing a discounted package. I’ve done my armpits and half legs. I saw amazing results after just 1 session of the armpits. I didn’t feel like I needed to do another except for the small section at the bottom of my pits that were missed, and several here & there. But for just the 1st session, I was impressed. Now I’ve done 2 sessions of armpits, and after months, I only have very fine, thin hairs scattered around, and not noticeable. This was also not painful for me. I’m of Middle-Eastern decent and I have been waxing my hairs for about 15+ years, so it felt more ticklish than pain. But that was my armpits… My legs were a different story. Holy moly, that hurt!! I’m going in today for the 2nd session and plan on taking a strong pain med first. The results of my legs were okay- I was hoping for a better result. My leg hairs are in patches now, and some areas seem untouched. But for only having 1 session, I guess it’s not bad. We’ll see how they are after today. I had Rebecca for my removal and I really liked her. She was kind, personal, and continued to check if I was okay through the process. I also Loved the receptionist- (sorry, don’t know her name). She is super friendly, the booking appointments were easy, and accommodating when I had to change my time on the same day. Every time I called to book or ask a question, they were very helpful and understanding. Also, I didn’t know how much to tip the first time I went, and asked, and she just said ‘I don’t know either, just leave what you feel in the envelope.’ I loved that there was no pressure to tip on the “regular price” like other reviews have said. The place looks nice and well kept inside. It’s convenient for parking and the process is fast! Overall, go here. This place sets a high standard, so far. Thanks, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, for making my dream of having a hair-free body easy!!


Evita D. of South Hampton

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