Perfect Body Laser Review – I love it!

December 14, 2013


I just love it! I wish I had done it before! I cannot believe how little I spent for this procedure. Other places advertise around the same price but you get less treatments and hardly any results so you end up having to purchase more packages anyway!! I am so happy I came here. The place is so well located -right off Sunrise Highway. The aesthetician who treated me, Alexa, is so nice and professional that I did not hesitate to completely trust myself in her hands. I was initially scared of the pain but I hardly experienced any at all! I’ve spoke to friends who have had treatments at other facilities and they weren’t able to say the same. They did a really good job! Believe it or not I am in my third session and I can see a dramatic difference! Now I’m thinking about what part of my body to get done next! I highly recommend this place to anyone!


Laney C. of Deer Park

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