Perfect Body Laser: Thank you for your care and concern!

December 18, 2013


From the moment my husband and I walked through their doors for our free consultation through today, every visit and treatment has been stellar with Perfect Body Laser. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am 58 years old and recently lost 91 pounds. I also had two strokes. The sagging skin after the weight loss and my face drooping a little after the strokes was my motivation to have treatment done. Also, I have been on television with my own segment for the past 7 years-it was becoming increasingly difficult to hide the changes in my appearance. The staff at the front desk were all very friendly and put my mind at ease every time we came in contact with them. The entire place was clean, well organized and highly professional. Jemima, the consultant, explained what they do and how they do it, what costs were involved with each treatment and answered any of our questions. None of the people we spoke to were pushy or vague; they explained the facts in a professional and thorough manner and then we left to talk about the decision to proceed. Two weeks later, we paid for the treatments in full (but they also offered financing options) and scheduled our appointment. It eased our minds completely as the aesthetician explained the treatments even more so. My greatest concerns were that it wouldn’t be effective and that it would hurt. Alexa, my aesthetician that day, put me at ease and had great compassion for my concerns-she talked to me and put on some soft music. I had my upper and lower eyes done, my lower face and my neck, as well as my face resurfaced. My results has been outstanding. I did everything they told me to do to the letter and because of this, I know I have seen results faster and painlessly! They truly have their ducks all in a row and the entire process is friendly, quick and professional in every way. I am so pleased with Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, the entire staff, Jemima and Alexa. I am singing the praises of this wonderful alternative to the old fashioned way of having these procedures done with surgery and the risks you take of germs and the high cost of a hospital to everyone I know. My treatments took less than an hour and then I went home! Thank you all at Perfect Body for your care and concern and making me feel like family instead of just another client.


Marian H. of Hicksville

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