Review of Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics

December 17, 2013


I really loved this place! I got a pretty good deal because of the holiday season. I got my bikini done here, with Karen — and it was my first time doing it. I was super uncomfortable at first, but she was REALLY nice and funny about it! Gave me hilarious statistics about the kind of laser she does and what the most popular is. She was also REALLY helpful! She gave me some really excellent tips on what to do about ingrown hairs and what to do about the little fuzzy hairs that were coming out on my legs. I ended up getting an even steeper discount because I saw such great results that she could make a case to her boss about having them charge the rest of my treatments as ‘touch ups’. She took my email, checked with him, and actually emailed me back to say that it would be fine! I was blown away by the outstanding customer service! This place is awesome, and if you go there, ask for Karen. Totallllllly worth it!!


Sherry M. of Syosset


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