Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Review

December 19, 2013


Usually I measure a business on 3 aspects. Value, Return and Experience.
Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics nailed all of them.
I bought a huge package of treatments at a discount ( during thanks giving they give a good discount off the price they do other promotions thru the year so I will keep checking in with them) so the value was basically twice as good in my opinion.

The return.
Let’s put it this way, hair treatment isn’t fun. You won’t be comfortable and it might hurt at times. Then again it’s not a massage or a facial, so pain is most likely a part of it.
I was told that it will take 8-10 treatments to see result,
I am at my 3rd session and my hair is almost completely gone at some areas.
So yes, great return.

I was lucky to work with Karen. I am not taking away from the rest of the crew since my aesthetician say they are all quite amazing , so I guess they are )
She is very attentive, incredibly knowledgeable , and she has many years under her belt as a tech.
She makes my experience here to be a solid 5 stars.

Facility is clean. Modern. And well designed. I am very comfortable walking around and smelling good scents and be greeted by nice people.

All around my impression is that they are great.
I have 4 more sessions and I hope that it will be as satisfying at the end of the treatment as it is at the moment.

Thanks you Perfect Body!!!!

Gabrielle Easton of Bellmore

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