Perfect Body Laser Review – Hyperpigmentation

December 20, 2013


VERY IMPRESSED with results my chemical peel treatment combined with microdermabrasion.

I am actually shocked at how good my skin looked after only one treatment- very quick and easy. 

Within a couple days my SIGNIFICANT HYPER PIGMENTATION was quite noticeably lighter. 

This one treatment took years of sun damage off my face. I plan to schedule a couple more because I am told it takes a few treatments to get rid of all the hyperpigmentation, or at least all that can be done with a chemical peel. But like I said, it is noticeably better after just one treatment.  I like it combined with the micro because it takes all the peeling off easily.

I have been using the thickest foundation AND concealer around,  to try to hide these marks and scars but I now am just wearing  a tinted moisturizer and my natural skin is glowing through.

Okay enough said. if you have HYPERPIGMENTAION, you really should go to this place for the quickest least painful procedure I know of that really does work.

Alyssa B. of Medford

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