Perfect Body Laser Review

January 7, 2014


I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of hair or pain, the less of each… the better. However in order for this to occur, it can get pricey. But for some reason I am pretty cheap regarding beauty fixes. Just like everyone,  I am always trying to get the most and pay the least. Just when I thought, pain and waxing were going to be a part of my life forever…the clouds parted and angels sang. Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics had some wonderful deals…what applied to me was an amazing deal for laser hair removal. As soon as I saw the ad, I called immediately for an appointment which wasn’t too hard to get. The building is by itself which I like and the parking lot is a good size, I have not had any issues with parking (usually my appointments are late afternoon). The receptionists are very friendly and helpful. The waiting room is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable which was good because I was totally scared the first time I went…I did not know what to expect… lasers? What do I know about lasers except they kill monsters??? Rebecca was the first aesthetician I saw and she was very patient with me. She answered all my questions and totally eased my fears. Apparently, depending on what part of your body you getting hair removal and your ethnicity will depend on which machine will be used on you, and each machine is different in terms of how much pain will be felt. Luckily, I am the best candidate! So I got the least painful machine. Also, generally depending on what results you want, will depend on how many treatments you get (6-10). They usually recommend at least 6, which was perfect for the special they had going on. Woo hoo! So the treatment is super-fast, half hour or so but of course depends on the amount of hair you have. I have been to waxing tons of times so it wasn’t awkward or embarrassing for me and the pain? It was a breeze, way less pain than waxing. It really is like lots of little rubber bands hitting you. I think it was more of the fear and anticipation than anything else. The second treatment I went to, about 8 weeks later was done by Karen (they asked me if I wanted to stay with the same person or had no preference). She was great too. This visit was about 20 minutes and was much easier, especially since I knew what to expect.  I totally recommend getting beauty treatments here but keep an eye on their specials to get the most out of your money. I must say hair removal, can become an expensive addiction as well as other beauty treatments. Just make sure you get them all done at Perfect Body Laser!



Kathleen L. of Commack