Perfect Body Laser Review

January 22, 2014


My whole adult life I never wore shorts.  I had some spider veins that I was really self-conscious about so I went my whole 20’s without showing them off.  I finally decided to bite the bullet, take the initiative, spend the money and get them taken care of.  I ended up at Perfect Body Laser through recommendation from a friend who was getting tattoo removal done there and said this place was amazing. She was so right. I immediately felt at ease and that my problem WAS going to be taken care of. I was surprised at how painless and easy the treatments were and how pleasant the staff was. It was worth every penny! My legs look phenomenal. I never have to hide my legs anymore which is such an indescribable feeling. I recommend this treatment as well as Perfect Body Laser to everyone I know!


Lisa H. of West Islip