Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 22, 2014


After buying a laser package from another spa and being disappointed, I snatched up a deal for this place to have the treatment done. I made the appointment the day I bought the deal, and they were able to fit me in the same day. Score!

Aesthetician was awesome. Even though she knew I had been lasered before, she explained the procedure because they use a different type of laser than the other place. They used the Candela laser, which requires no icing or cooling gel. And, as I have slightly dry skin which results in slightly darker spots, she explained to me that the lasering may make it darker, but I told her to go ahead with the procedure. And it was quick and easy, if slightly uncomfortable.

Afterwards, she told me about some of the specials they were running, including a  facial and hair rejuvenation. I have been wanting to try hair rejuvenation, so I bought that. I thought the sales pitch wasn’t pushy, but informative, so I was glad that she told me about it.

Bottom line, I left happy.


Andrea C. of Mount Sinai