Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Review

December 30, 2013


Wow!! Where do I start? Everything about my experience at Perfect Body Laser in Bay Shore was amazing!! All of the staff (receptionists, consultants, aestheticians, etc) were extremely friendly and always professional. Having any cosmetic procedure can be stressful and they were there every step of the way to relieve anxiety. Perfect Body Laser is one of a kind!!!!!! To me, the way a place treats their clients is just as important as the results. From the minute I met my aesthetician, I knew this was the place to be. She made me feel very special and was very thorough in answering all of my questions and concerns. She did not make me feel like a number.  As far as expertise, I could not be more pleased!! My outcome far outweighed my expectations!! I feel and look younger and actually don’t hate having my picture taken now! Perfect Body Laser- I can never thank you enough for all excellent care and your articulate laser expertise!


Jean W. of  East Meadow




Perfect Body Laser- Review

December 26, 2013


I just got my 3rd session last week, and ended up adding 2 more areas. I don’t live close by, but I love this place so much that I don’t mind the drive at all. The building stands by itself and spots in the parking lot say, “Reserved for Perfect Body Laser” available and waiting for me.
Each time I go inside, the receptionist is really friendly and accommodating, and the aesthetician is wonderful. They are really easy to talk to, and know what they are talking about.
Although I started going there after having purchased a package during a promotion, I realized that the prices were really affordable and decided to add on 2 more areas. They don’t try to sell you packages or pressure you into buying a bunch of sessions. They let you go at your own pace but they recommend you return every 6 weeks so they can catch the hairs that were dormant.
My first time, I was bummed because I hadn’t applied any numbing cream and assumed it would be painful. How silly. It didn’t hurt at all. And later, I assumed I would be inflamed and red and swollen, but I was completely fine after about an hour or 2.
I started to get worried because I didn’t notice any hair falling out right away. Mine took a little longer, but after a few weeks, I could definitely see a change. I want to do my whole body now!
The best part is, I am out of there in about 20 minutes or so. If you are debating about going to Perfect Body Laser, have no worries. They will take of you and you will be extremely satisfied.


Rebecca M. of Brentwood

December 20, 2013


5-Star Service…Immediate Results…This is the second time my husband and I have been to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics…We were amazed with the results the first time we went a couple of years ago, but this time WOW AMAZING! Our Aeshtetican is just so warm and welcoming, the office is classy, nicely decorated. The process is comfortable and only takes an hour…A small price to pay to look like a million bucks!  Thanks Perfect Body Laser, you’re the best… We can’t stop smiling.


Andrea C. of Massapequa

Review of Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics

December 17, 2013


I really loved this place! I got a pretty good deal because of the holiday season. I got my bikini done here, with Karen — and it was my first time doing it. I was super uncomfortable at first, but she was REALLY nice and funny about it! Gave me hilarious statistics about the kind of laser she does and what the most popular is. She was also REALLY helpful! She gave me some really excellent tips on what to do about ingrown hairs and what to do about the little fuzzy hairs that were coming out on my legs. I ended up getting an even steeper discount because I saw such great results that she could make a case to her boss about having them charge the rest of my treatments as ‘touch ups’. She took my email, checked with him, and actually emailed me back to say that it would be fine! I was blown away by the outstanding customer service! This place is awesome, and if you go there, ask for Karen. Totallllllly worth it!!


Sherry M. of Syosset


Testimonial for Perfect Body Laser

December 16, 2013


Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics was the second place I had ever gotten laser from and because of this I wasn’t as nervous, somewhat knowing what to expect. I was still a little surprised though because they were way better than the previous place. Every single time they were professional, on time, and gentle! I would recommend this place to anyone, whether it is their first time or their 50th time!


Almira M. of Stony Brook

December 11, 2013

I’m a big fan of Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics. I came to them through a ridiculously low-priced special on their website. The office is bright, clean, professional and seems to be well-managed. I’ve never once had to wait for a session. The receptionists and aestheticians have all been friendly and helpful. I’ve had four bikini laser sessions and two facial vessel sessions with Alexa. She is honest, thorough and really goes out of her way to make sure you get the best results possible. She warned me that because my strawberry blonde hair is relatively light, I might not have the best results.  After my first session, I saw more reduction in hair growth than I had with SIX sessions at another laser center. I was very impressed. The first session was relatively painless, though she has pumped up the laser level for all sessions since and it now hurts like hell. Other places I’ve been have been rude, condescending, and they’ve tried entirely too hard to upsell products. Annoying. Perfect Body is none of the above, thank goodness! Good laser centers are hard to find and Perfect Body is really good.

Deanna P. of West Islip

Testimonial – Perfect Body Laser

December 10, 2013

Love this medical spa. I’ve been going there for the past few years and each time received incredible service. It’s spotless and very professional, while being warm and inviting at the same time (think dim lights and zen world background music). Easy to make an appointment and they usually receive you on time. I went to Perfect Body after having a not so amazing experience at another med spa and they were just great! Everyone from the front desk staff to the aestheticians there spent time explaining the procedures to me and taking time to answer all of my questions. The best part was they didn’t over do anything, just aired on the side of caution and everything came out perfectly. I would highly recommend Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics!


Kelly K. of Commack

Perfect Body Laser

December 9, 2013

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is amazing! At my first session, the Aesthetician took the time out to explain everything about laser Body Contouring and she answered all of the many questions I had. I am getting fat reduction done on my tummy and I am extremely happy with the results!!! My Aesthetician and the rest of the staff have been so friendly and professional. The place is so clean and cute and so easy to get to. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in Body Contouring or any of the other services they offer. You will be satisfied.


Vanessa A. of Syosset

Perfect Body Review

December 8, 2013

I finished my package of treatments a few weeks ago, so in summary…

On Perfect Body laser treatments:
– Results are amazing.  Even during the initial treatment cycles, I barely had to shave. 
– Happy to report that my skin mostly got used to the treatments. Much lesser reaction as I went on. 
– It hurts a little, but not enough to deter. Totally worth it for the results.

On Perfect Body customer service:

– Totally professional operation. From top to bottom. Prompt appointments, immaculate facility, competent techs, nice front desk attendants, attentive owner.  
– Second bullet is just to reinforce the first. They really are that awesome. 

Sara C. of Amityville

Perfect Body Laser Review

December 4, 2013

I have been to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics a few times and it has been such pleasure. From the time you walk in to the time you leave, the whole staff is so genuinely warm and welcoming that it makes it a wonderful to be there. They are very experienced, honest and professional. Their skincare is definetely a must try. I will be looking forward to going back.

 Leigha A. of West Hempstead