Review of Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics

March 28, 2014


Honestly, I had low hopes for the removal of my veins. I thought it couldn’t be done and there was no use in spending money for a lost cause. But, my wife was a client at Perfect Body Laser and saw great results with her skin tightening treatments and convinced me to give it a shot. I’m so glad that I did because my veins are gone and I am more confident. Thanks Perfect Body.


John E.

March 10, 2014


I had the Thermage treatment done. My experience from the pre-consultation process to the last treatment has been absolutely excellent. I was very excited going into it all and they managed to maintain my excitement and confidence throughout. Now, I am finished and very pleased with my results and would definitely recommend Perfect Body Laser to anyone!


Katherine T. of Cambria Heights

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Reviews

February 24, 2014


Everybody was very nice, friendly and extremely pleasant. They actually made me feel important. I would highly recommend this place to EVERYONE! I’d give them 10 stars if I could!!!!



Julie A. of Riverhead

February 19, 2014


I had Thermage done at Perfect Body Laser. Well, I must say I had two great young ladies who answered any and every question I asked. They were both so sweet and caring. They talked me through the whole thing to help the time pass. They really deserve a lot of recognition. Thanks to them and to Perfect Body Laser!


Kashia C. of Lindenhurst

Perfect Body Laser is the best value on the island!

January 24, 2014


Love this place for facials and laser hair removal. It can feel pretty vulnerable addressing the grooming needs of womens’ bits, but all the ladies here are pros and very welcoming. Everyone is nice here and the service anticipates needs, like sending out reminder emails for appointments. The aesthetician who treated me was so amazing. Very pleasant as well as skillful. They’re always packed but if you book in advance it’s well worth and the rotation of specials make it the best value on the Island.



Paula R. of New Hyde Park

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 7, 2014


Everyone at Perfect Body Laser is very friendly and professional and the facility is fancy and clean.  Price-wise, it is about average, not insanely cheap but also not expensive. But the difference is in the care and results. As for the laser hair removal treatment itself, on the underarm it’s relatively painless; there were times when it felt uncomfortable (as someone else described it, it feels like a rubber band being stretched on your skin), but definitely tolerable.  For the upper lip, it was a little more sensitive/painful in that area.  Overall, I could still take it, but I did mention to the esthetician that it was feeling painful, and she turned up the cool air blower, which helped a lot. Results-wise, it’s too soon for me to tell with my upper lip, but here’s my results for my underarm: After each treatment, I felt my hair grew back thinner and slower. I used to have to shave every day. After the sixth treatment, I actually didn’t have to shave for ONE MONTH.  That was pretty amazing. I was told by the estheticians that it’s typical for hair to still grow back, but that every time you treat the area with the laser that it grows back slower and thinner, which is true.  I was also told that it’s recommended to get a touch up once a year to help further kill the hair. So overall, I’d give laser hair therapy 4/5 since it’s not a miracle worker (but then, what is), but Perfect Body Laser itself I give a 5/5 as their service is quality!



Amy Wilson

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 5, 2014


The Aestheticians here are great!  I’ve finished four treatments of Laser Hair Removal with their laser and the results are amazing! I like that it has different levels of intensity. At my first appointment, the aesthetician suggested I try the less intense mode, because it was my first time. I was a little nervous, but she made me feel really comfortable. It was not bad at all!  When I came back for the next treatment, I wanted to try a bit higher intensity, because I heard it was faster.  It wasn’t even really painful, and it was so much faster than the less intense mode.  But to each his own. I know it takes multiple treatments, but they have really great packages.  Even after the first treatment I already noticed a massive difference!  It’s so worth it to not have to worry about shaving your legs everyday!  I can go up to a month now!  I can’t wait until I won’t have to worry at all!  I also did a chemical peel with Alexa on my face the other day.  This was also my first peel, but they had a really good special going and I couldn’t resist this major deal so I went ahead and did it! Alexa was great!  She explained to me exactly what she was going to do and what I was going to feel so that I wouldn’t be alarmed.  Everything went as as she explained.  She was so gentle, and it felt so nice when she was massaging my face.  I never had a facial before, but if they feel as nice as what Alexa did during my peel, I might just have to start getting them. It felt a little tingly, like if you had a fresh sunburn, but it only lasted for a few minutes.  It’s my second day, and I’ve already started peeling, and the skin underneath looks great! I thought the office was really nice and modern to begin with and the spa rooms are beautiful!  All the other staff is really great too.  I always feel like I’m going in to meet friends whenever I have a treatment. I’ve also run into the owner a few times leaving my treatments, and he’s a really nice guy too! I love this place, and I highly recommend it!


Winifred B. of Brentwood

Review of Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics

December 13, 2013
I bought a deal here for six laser treatments and I am SO glad I did. I have so far received 2 treatments for a french bikini, and the results are already amazing. The hair has thinned significantly and I can’t wait to complete my treatment -it feels like getting rid of half of life’s worries! 😉 My Aesthetician, Karen is friendly and explains things well if you ask any questions. The service is fast: appointment making has not been difficult, I have never waited for more than 5 minutes once I got there, and the treatments themselves do not take long either. Highly recommend overall!


Mona R. of Oyster Bay

Perfect Body Laser

December 9, 2013

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is amazing! At my first session, the Aesthetician took the time out to explain everything about laser Body Contouring and she answered all of the many questions I had. I am getting fat reduction done on my tummy and I am extremely happy with the results!!! My Aesthetician and the rest of the staff have been so friendly and professional. The place is so clean and cute and so easy to get to. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in Body Contouring or any of the other services they offer. You will be satisfied.


Vanessa A. of Syosset

Reviews & Complaints – Perfect Body Laser

December 9, 2013

So far, I just love Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics. On my first appointment, I was greeted by the receptionist who was extra friendly and attentive. Make sure to arrive 10-15 mins early before your first session in order to fill out necessary paperwork. I bought a package for laser Skin Resurfacing. Rebecca did my laser and she was very informative about the company and the type of laser that was going to be used on my skin. Throughout the process she kept asking me how I was doing. I felt very safe with her. Not many places will do laser on darker skin but Perfect Body has a type of laser that is Just for dark skin (in addition to one that is just for light skin).  So if you have dark skin this place is great for you. After my first session, I already saw immediate results! My skin looks great. I can’t wait to go back for my second session! Thanks Perfect Body!


Anaisa D. of Westbury