Review of Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics

March 28, 2014


Honestly, I had low hopes for the removal of my veins. I thought it couldn’t be done and there was no use in spending money for a lost cause. But, my wife was a client at Perfect Body Laser and saw great results with her skin tightening treatments and convinced me to give it a shot. I’m so glad that I did because my veins are gone and I am more confident. Thanks Perfect Body.


John E.

Reviews & Complaints of Perfect Body Laser

March 20, 2014


I got the Thermage treatment done and the entire process has been excellent. My aesthetician made my treatments as comfortable as possible. I did experience some slight discomfort during the treatment but that is to be expected and after seeing the results… it was well worth it!



Theresa E.

Perfect Body Laser Reviews

March 18, 2014


I was pleasantly surprised because in the past I have been unsatisfied with laser spas; but Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is unlike any other that I’ve been to. Great service and excellent results. I will be recommending.


Michelle N.


Reviews & Complaints for Perfect Body Laser

March 4, 2014


My experience at Perfect Body Laser has been very good. Treatment and staff have been excellent. My Aesthetician was Rebecca and I just loved her! I recommended them to my friend and she is very happy as well. I would definitely return!


Michelle L.

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 22, 2014


After buying a laser package from another spa and being disappointed, I snatched up a deal for this place to have the treatment done. I made the appointment the day I bought the deal, and they were able to fit me in the same day. Score!

Aesthetician was awesome. Even though she knew I had been lasered before, she explained the procedure because they use a different type of laser than the other place. They used the Candela laser, which requires no icing or cooling gel. And, as I have slightly dry skin which results in slightly darker spots, she explained to me that the lasering may make it darker, but I told her to go ahead with the procedure. And it was quick and easy, if slightly uncomfortable.

Afterwards, she told me about some of the specials they were running, including a  facial and hair rejuvenation. I have been wanting to try hair rejuvenation, so I bought that. I thought the sales pitch wasn’t pushy, but informative, so I was glad that she told me about it.

Bottom line, I left happy.


Andrea C. of Mount Sinai

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 7, 2014


Everyone at Perfect Body Laser is very friendly and professional and the facility is fancy and clean.  Price-wise, it is about average, not insanely cheap but also not expensive. But the difference is in the care and results. As for the laser hair removal treatment itself, on the underarm it’s relatively painless; there were times when it felt uncomfortable (as someone else described it, it feels like a rubber band being stretched on your skin), but definitely tolerable.  For the upper lip, it was a little more sensitive/painful in that area.  Overall, I could still take it, but I did mention to the esthetician that it was feeling painful, and she turned up the cool air blower, which helped a lot. Results-wise, it’s too soon for me to tell with my upper lip, but here’s my results for my underarm: After each treatment, I felt my hair grew back thinner and slower. I used to have to shave every day. After the sixth treatment, I actually didn’t have to shave for ONE MONTH.  That was pretty amazing. I was told by the estheticians that it’s typical for hair to still grow back, but that every time you treat the area with the laser that it grows back slower and thinner, which is true.  I was also told that it’s recommended to get a touch up once a year to help further kill the hair. So overall, I’d give laser hair therapy 4/5 since it’s not a miracle worker (but then, what is), but Perfect Body Laser itself I give a 5/5 as their service is quality!



Amy Wilson

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 5, 2014


The Aestheticians here are great!  I’ve finished four treatments of Laser Hair Removal with their laser and the results are amazing! I like that it has different levels of intensity. At my first appointment, the aesthetician suggested I try the less intense mode, because it was my first time. I was a little nervous, but she made me feel really comfortable. It was not bad at all!  When I came back for the next treatment, I wanted to try a bit higher intensity, because I heard it was faster.  It wasn’t even really painful, and it was so much faster than the less intense mode.  But to each his own. I know it takes multiple treatments, but they have really great packages.  Even after the first treatment I already noticed a massive difference!  It’s so worth it to not have to worry about shaving your legs everyday!  I can go up to a month now!  I can’t wait until I won’t have to worry at all!  I also did a chemical peel with Alexa on my face the other day.  This was also my first peel, but they had a really good special going and I couldn’t resist this major deal so I went ahead and did it! Alexa was great!  She explained to me exactly what she was going to do and what I was going to feel so that I wouldn’t be alarmed.  Everything went as as she explained.  She was so gentle, and it felt so nice when she was massaging my face.  I never had a facial before, but if they feel as nice as what Alexa did during my peel, I might just have to start getting them. It felt a little tingly, like if you had a fresh sunburn, but it only lasted for a few minutes.  It’s my second day, and I’ve already started peeling, and the skin underneath looks great! I thought the office was really nice and modern to begin with and the spa rooms are beautiful!  All the other staff is really great too.  I always feel like I’m going in to meet friends whenever I have a treatment. I’ve also run into the owner a few times leaving my treatments, and he’s a really nice guy too! I love this place, and I highly recommend it!


Winifred B. of Brentwood

Perfect Body Laser Review

December 29, 2013

This is the best medical spa I’ve ever been to. I use to get laser removal from a really posh place in the city and they weren’t half as good as Perfect Body Laser. My aesthetician, Karen, is wonderful. She always makes me feel totally comfortable and the front of house staff is friendly and lovely. Their prices are unbeatable as well. I can’t believe the service they provide and what they charge. I feel like I’ve discovered something really special on Long Island and actually all of NY. And their facility and decor are top notch. It’s super clean and neat and really beautiful without being stuffy or trying too hard. I have been about five times so far and every single time it’s been a wonderful, easy and painless experience! I feel totally pampered by the staff at Perfect Body, especially Karen, and hands down I recommend this place to whoever is in need of a little pampering and love and a great laser experience. I’m so grateful they are on Long Island but if they were on the moon I would go to the damn moon for my laser appointments. This place is the best!

Allison S. of East Setauket


December 27, 2013


I had been considering having this type of treatment  done for several years, but when I retired and moved to Long Island I decided to look into it further, since Perfect Body Laser is close to where I now live. I had lost about 60 lbs a couple of years ago and felt healthy and strong, but my neck and jaw line, I felt, aged me. The office staff were very kind and informative, without pressure. the aesthetician was very kind and answered all my questions, and I felt good about all the experience she has had in performing other treatments.I felt excited about having this done at this time in my life, and decided that this is what I really wanted to do for me! I have not regretted this decision at all. I went to a festival with my grandson after two weeks, and several people thought I was his mother, and were amazed I was his grandmother. Wow, did that ever feel good!! It is now two months after I had the treatment done, and I feel great.  I followed the recommended advice. Feeling and look thing this young has encouraged me to keep myself healthy in all areas of my life! Retirement is now great.. Thanks Perfect Body!



Erin S. of Riverhead