Perfect Body Laser Reviews / Complaints / Comments

When researching various non-surgical treatment centers, the name Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics kept presenting itself to me, whether in an advertisement or some word of mouth comments. Given their reputation and the numerous awards for excellence that Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics has received, it appeared to me that they were the best choice for the procedure I was looking to have done. From the time I walked through the doors, I continued to receive validation for my choice to use Perfect Body.

The Perfect Body facility is magnificently appointed, the receptionist are extremely helpful, warm and friendly. My consultant, Adrienne, presented an excellent knowledge of Thermage and assisted me in feeling confident and secure to proceed with treatment. Owner Patrick sat with me as well to discuss my treatment plan. He listened to my concerns and desires. He was thorough and again highly knowledgeable regarding Thermage. I was encouraged to ask any and all questions without ever feeling rushed or pressured. When choosing to move forward with my treatment at Perfect Body, I never felt that I was just about making a sale. Patrick and Adrienne proved time and again that and a stellar work ethic it is about maintaining the level of excellence they have achieved its about going beyond the client’s level of expectation!

The treatment room was spotless clean and completely sanitary which was of a major importance to me. My aesthetician Nikki again proved that I had made the right choice as I was made to feel completely relaxed, reassured and well care for during my treatments. It was quite evident that the level of expertise, quality of care and excellence expected of all the staff knows no bounds at Perfect Body. Each staff member I had an interaction with courteous, knowledgeable and highly professional. My consultant followed up with me several time post treatment which I hadn’t expected but greatly appreciated as well. The attention to detail and level of excellence provided by Perfect Body is truly exemplary in this competitive field.

So, are you curious about my results? I couldn’t be happier with the results of my Thermage face/neck treatments from Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics. True to their word and consistent with their reputation for excellence and satisfaction, I have highly recommended Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics to numerous friends and co-workers.

As I stated at the opening of the letter, this is the first time that I have ever contacted the Better Business Bureau for any reason. In today’s society, I think there is a tremendous need for more good things to be noted as opposed to all the complaints to the media puts out there.

Its in my hope and desire that this letter reaches all persons who would monitor or critique a business such as Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics. I wish for it to be known and recognized that they are full deserving of the awards they have receive in the past. My hope is that this letter generates yet another award for Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics.

Barbara V.    of  Massapequa, NY