March 13, 2014


A very pleasant experience all around. The staff was outstanding and I felt confident about receiving the treatment as well as the results. I will 100% be recommending Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics to friends and family.


Thomas C.

Perfect Body Laser Reviews

March 6, 2014


The staff was so friendly and helpful! And what a gorgeous place. So far, I am very satisfied and I am hopeful as to see even more results when I’m finished.


Atria M.

Reviews & Complaints for Perfect Body Laser

March 4, 2014


My experience at Perfect Body Laser has been very good. Treatment and staff have been excellent. My Aesthetician was Rebecca and I just loved her! I recommended them to my friend and she is very happy as well. I would definitely return!


Michelle L.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Reviews

February 24, 2014


Everybody was very nice, friendly and extremely pleasant. They actually made me feel important. I would highly recommend this place to EVERYONE! I’d give them 10 stars if I could!!!!



Julie A. of Riverhead

Perfect Body Laser: Review!

February 14, 2014

I had the Exilis treatment done! The staff and medical team were very helpful. They answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable while being treated. My overall experience at Perfect Body Laser was Excellent!

Veronica C. 

Review: Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics

January 7, 2014


From the moment I stepped into Perfect Body Laser, I was treated in a very professional manner. The office is clean and the staff was helpful. The real treat was the aesthetician!! She spent time explaining the treatment very thoroughly and what to expect. It went exactly like she described. Her bedside manner was wonderful and her laser skills above what I expected!!! Only 3 weeks after my treatment I was out to dinner with a girl friend and she told me I looked so good but didn’t know what was different. I told her what I had done. She was amazed! What looked like a full face lift was done in half the time with no bruising and only a little swelling immediately after. It has been over 2 months now and people just say, wow you look rested and fit! not ” Did you have work done?” Thank you to Perfect Body Laser and my aesthetician you are amazingly talented!!


Heather J. of New Hyde Park

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Testimonial

December 8, 2013

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is the absolute best! They are very knowledgeable of the lasers which is the most important thing. They also really know which skin type suits which laser. I’m getting Skin Tightening done. I’ve been to other places — but this place beat them all. The front desk ladies are professional, friendly and smart. a great experience — and very easy to work with. I am so pleased with my results and would recommend them to anyone!!

Mary K. of Lindenhurst

Perfect Body Review

December 8, 2013

I finished my package of treatments a few weeks ago, so in summary…

On Perfect Body laser treatments:
– Results are amazing.  Even during the initial treatment cycles, I barely had to shave. 
– Happy to report that my skin mostly got used to the treatments. Much lesser reaction as I went on. 
– It hurts a little, but not enough to deter. Totally worth it for the results.

On Perfect Body customer service:

– Totally professional operation. From top to bottom. Prompt appointments, immaculate facility, competent techs, nice front desk attendants, attentive owner.  
– Second bullet is just to reinforce the first. They really are that awesome. 

Sara C. of Amityville

Perfect Body Laser Testimonials

December 7, 2013

They are the “Best of Best” in terms of technology, knowledge, skill and customer service. What more do you need from a medical spa. It’s been a year since I started going to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics. I started with a laser hair removal package for Full leg. Within few weeks of service I was so impressed that I added the package for Underarm and bikini also. Initially, I was switched between a few aestheticians, which I didn’t mind. They were equally very skilled and knowledgable. But the moment I got Rebecca (my current aesthetician), I didn’t want to go back to the others. I made sure I asked only for her when I made appointments. She is experienced, patient, and made me feel very comfortable. If you compare it with other places on Long Island, Perfect Body probably might be a little more expensive. But trust me, this place is worth it. I bought groupons for few other places, but changed my mind last minute cause I saw customers with burnt scars and unskilled technicians in other places. I didn’t want to take a chance with my body and I am glad i didn’t. Perfect Body has left no room for complaints. Their facility is clean and equipped with the latest technology in the market. Not once did I have a bad reaction or a burn. They have given me all the time in the world when it comes to spreading my treatment sessions. When I was making good progress, they weren’t in a rush for me to finish up my package, they gave me an option to take few months break and come for the next session when I felt it was time, it was totally worth it. It’s been a year, I started seeing great results from the first appointment onwards. I still have 4 sessions left and I have already accomplished what I came here for. Thank You Perfect Body!!

Dianna H. of Hicksville


Perfect Body Laser Hair Removal Review

December 4, 2o13

I was very reluctant to get ANY laser hair removal treatments especially on my face (chin & cheek) but my girl wanted me to try it out and save myself some shaving time and money on razors.  After the 3rd treatment and I’m seeing 50% reduction and slow hair growth results. I don’t have to shave my face every other day, only once a week now.   I’m very happy I was introduced to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics.  The medical office is very clean, nice decor, and customer service is exceptional.

 Lawrence R. of Lynbrook