March 13, 2014


A very pleasant experience all around. The staff was outstanding and I felt confident about receiving the treatment as well as the results. I will 100% be recommending Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics to friends and family.


Thomas C.

Perfect Body Laser: Review!

February 14, 2014

I had the Exilis treatment done! The staff and medical team were very helpful. They answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable while being treated. My overall experience at Perfect Body Laser was Excellent!

Veronica C. 

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 22, 2014


After buying a laser package from another spa and being disappointed, I snatched up a deal for this place to have the treatment done. I made the appointment the day I bought the deal, and they were able to fit me in the same day. Score!

Aesthetician was awesome. Even though she knew I had been lasered before, she explained the procedure because they use a different type of laser than the other place. They used the Candela laser, which requires no icing or cooling gel. And, as I have slightly dry skin which results in slightly darker spots, she explained to me that the lasering may make it darker, but I told her to go ahead with the procedure. And it was quick and easy, if slightly uncomfortable.

Afterwards, she told me about some of the specials they were running, including a  facial and hair rejuvenation. I have been wanting to try hair rejuvenation, so I bought that. I thought the sales pitch wasn’t pushy, but informative, so I was glad that she told me about it.

Bottom line, I left happy.


Andrea C. of Mount Sinai

Perfect Body Laser Review

January 7, 2014


I am so glad I had the laser skin tightening treatment done and that I had it done at Perfect Body Laser! I am very active, but felt very old, because of all the sun damage and my neck was starting to sag. Perfect Body Laser was fabulous, they explained everything in detail, which made me feel extremely comfortable. The aesthetician was wonderful, very knowledgable and caring.The rest of the staff was excellent- very professional and they made you feel like you were family! I love that in a place like this because some of the treatments can be very personal and dealing with your self confidence, you need caring professionals.I would do it again no questions asked and I would do it at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics.



Nancy Martinez

Review of Perfect Body Laser

January 5, 2014


The staff at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is very professional, informative, and makes you feel very comfortable. I had my treatment done a year ago and have been so happy ever since. The aesthetician and the entire staff were wonderful, I would have not chosen anywhere else to go. They made sure I had follow up appointments throughout the entire year after my treatment to make sure I was optimizing my results and was satisfied with my progress. I am so very pleased with Perfect Body Laser. I would say they are the best in this industry. Without any doubt I would return to Perfect Body if I decide to have any future treatments. Thank you Perfect Body Laser for my incredible results and service!!



Edna P. of Huntington Station

January 5, 2014


This place is amazing. I come here for ALL of my beauty needs. The very first treatment I had there was laser hair removal. Not having to shave anymore is wonderful. I then decided to have some body contouring done :). I LOVE the results. The staff at Perfect Body Laser made me feel so comfortable and I am extremely happy with my natural looking results. Since then I have gotten skin tightening treatments around my jawline. The aesthetician I saw has such a gentle touch that I barely felt anything. She really took the time to explain everything to me. I am now getting laser facial treatments and chemical peels from Alexa to get rid of my melasma/dark spots, even out my skin tone and reduce my poor size. I highly recommend Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics for ALL of YOUR beauty needs too!


Olga B. of Great Neck

Perfect Body Laser Reviews & Complaints

December 30, 2013


Love! Love! Love this place! Perfect Body Laser is in a great location that’s easily accessible, has plenty of parking, and has the friendliest staff that makes you feel right at home. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and even offered refreshments. I came here for a long overdue facial (over a year) and I’m glad I did! I have combination skin that for the most part stays normal and clear. However, every once in a while it decides it wants to break out like crazy and no matter what I do, it overstays it welcome. I booked an appointment right when I noticed my face was about to have a diva moment. Rather than having a facial targeted specifically for the acne, I decided to go with a facial which the aesthetician customized for my combination/acne prone skin. From the moment I stepped into the room, I felt incredibly relaxed… and that’s saying a lot. I have a highly stressful job (which I LOVE) but rarely take a moment to just stop and enjoy life. They did a tremendously incredible job of creating a relaxing environment with candle light and soothing music. Not to mention my aesthetician had a great personality! We cracked a few jokes here and there. I want to note that I’ve had some brutal extractions done and in comparison, this treatment was sooooo much more bearable than any other extraction I’ve ever had. I didn’t even squirm =) I walked out feeling so relaxed that I just went home and crawled into bed. My skin had a wonderfully dewy glow through the next day. I got a few compliments on my skin the next day. I will definitely be back and I HIGHLY recommend them!!!



Rachel P. of Middle Island

The effectiveness of cosmetic laser procedures depends on many factors, including:

— choice of the correct device for a given treatment 

— the training and skill of the person operating the device 

— the wavelength of the beam of energy that targets the tissue 

— the power settings used, the duration of each energy pulse, the amount of time between pulses, the number of pulses per treatment, and the number of treatments administered 

— the colour of the skin and/or hair of the person being treated

Here at PERFECT BODY LASER, we consider all of these factors and customize each treatment to each individual, ensuring the best results!

Perfect Body Laser: Review

December 18, 2013


I only write reviews when I absolutely love a place and I am in love with Perfect Body Laser. Their service is excellent and they offer awesome deals. I have done chemical peels, laser hair removal and skin tightening. I have to say I have been getting a ton of compliments on how my skin looks and I look 10 years younger! Everyone wants to know where I go. I proudly refer them to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics. I can’t live without this place; they treat you like family which is an added bonus. I love Perfect Body!!



Terri W. of Dix Hills

Perfect Body Review – Don’t look elsewhere!

December 15, 2o13


I’ve had laser hair removal in multiple areas of my body so needless to say I’ve been to other treatment facilities but PERFECT BODY LASER is by far THE BEST and I felt NO PAIN whatsoever! Other laser treatments I’ve tried have been irritating, painful and harsh to my skin. But since discovering PERFECT BODY LASER, I’ve had no problems, no skin irritations & best of all no pain! The laser actually feels a little cool to the touch. The staff is also knowledgeable & take their time on each patient. They are very good about keeping right on time with appointments & are understanding when work or life gets in the way and you need to shift yours. But try to keep your 1st appt. because they’re very busy and you may find yourself waiting a couple weeks for an opening. You can also try to fill a last minute cancellation =) They’re getting pretty popular! I will continue visiting them for all my skin & hair removal needs. Don’t look elsewhere, PB is great!



Betty L. of Port Washington