Revage Laser Hair Restoration in Long Island at Perfect Body Laser

            My entire experience at Perfect Body was excellent.  I signed up for a package of laser hair rejuvenation to help my thinning hair.  From the ease of the Pre- Consultation Process to the treatment itself, they made it seamless. I will recommend them to friends and family.  I am happy I chose Perfect Body instead of getting hair plugs or a hair transplant.  Much Thanks!

Dianne A.  of Massapequa, NY

VelaShape and Thermage CPT treatment Reviews at Perfect Body Laser

My overall experience at Perfect Body was excellent. The Consultant did an excellent job of addressing my concerns and explaining my options. My Aesthetician was great! I was looking forward to seeing the full results when I came in for pictures ten months later.  I knew I would be happy, but nothing prepared me to expect such wonderful results!  I look terrific!

-Heather K. of Holbrook, NY

Perfect Body Featured in Image Magazine for Excellence in “Thermage CPT” in US. Thermage CPT Review


Dear Prospective Customers of Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics,

It is with great pleasure that I share the Experience I had receiving my Thermage CPT treatment I had done at Perfect Body. I wanted to write a review of Perfect Body Laser. The treatment was painless and relaxing.  I did feel some heat in certain sensitive areas (along my jawline) but it was overall an excellent experience.  I was impressed with Alexa, who went through the treatment carefully and informed me during the process.  It was exactly how my Consultant prepared me for.  In-fact, Alexa did half of my face (left side first) and showed me the difference in the mirror before finishing my right side.  I saw a noticeable difference right there.

I was ver impressed w high level of service and quality that Perfect Body Laser gave to me throughout the entire process.  All the employees are really happy but not fake.  They seemed really happy to be working there and it was really nice to feel such positive energy in a work environment.

Hands down, I will recommend Perfect Body Laser to anyone looking to have a non-surgical facelift or neck lift in New York!

Thank you again!  xoxo

-Georgette W. of Plainview, NY

Reviews of stretch mark and laser hair removal at Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics Bay Shore, NY

The entire office at Perfect Body was very friendly, professional and comforting. I felt very confident that they addressed my concerns and explained my options. I will recommend them to my friends and family, especially for Laser Hair removal and Stretch marks.  The Elite MPX Laser (used on me) was awesome, fast and SUPER effective!  My underarm hair has not returned and its only been 2 sessions!  My stretch marks have been drastically reduced thus far too.. Thank You.

-Nadine J. of Medford, NY

Thermage CPT results at Perfect Body Laser

I felt very comfortable throughout my thermage cpt treatment at Perfect Body Laser in Bay Shore, NY.  I appreciated the friendliness and professionalism.  My Consultant did an excellent job at addressing my cosmetic concerns and made me very confident that I made the right decision.  My Nurse was awesome!  I will recommend Perfect Body to all my friends and family.  Thank you for the amazing experience.

-Camillia Y. of Jamaica, NY

Exilis Body Contouring Experience at Perfect Body Laser

Perfect Body exceeded my expectations!!! The place was stunning and the girls were super sweet! I had a few different treatments done and already see such a great improvement. I can’t wait to see the full result.

Ivonne B. of Medford, NY

Laser Facelift review at Perfect Body Laser

I was thrilled to have had the treatments done at Perfect Body. I never do anything for myself and when I finally decided to do something I knew Perfect Body was the best choice. I myself am a business owner and because my schedule is so demanding they always went out of their way to accommodate me. My results are unbelievable and can’t wait to go back and do the rest of my body!!!

Flor M. of Brentwood, NY

Perfect Body Laser Hair Removal ROCKS!

I had my first appointment with Joanna at Perfect Body Laser last night and I am already in love with this place.

I’ve had a really bad run with laser hair removal – my first treatments were with an RN who started her own laser hair removal business, but she burned me and I never went back. Then I went to Skin Spa (Laser Plus) for 6 sessions and did not have great results so I went elsewhere instead of getting additional packages there. On to Depi4ever which I liked much better than the Skin Spa and had 2 or 3 sessions before they suddenly closed down with no warning. What the heck!!!!!!!

Finally a friend introduces me to Perfect Body Laser and while the reviews are great I was skeptical due to my rough start with laser hair removal. I’m supposed to be the ‘perfect’ candidate since I am pale as can be and have dark hair – what’s the deal?? Turns out, after my extremely thorough appointment with Joanna, that the places I was going to were IPL and not laser. I always had to use a lidocaine cream prescribed by my physician before my appointments and I still had pain. I didn’t numb last night before my appointment and I didn’t even need to. I LOVE the machine that Perfect Body has. It was great and so quick! I can’t wait to update my review once I start to see results. The machine has a puff of cool air after each zap. I wasn’t red or irritated at all after the session. At the other places I went to I was bright red and swollen and always had to run home to my ice pack! Granted I’ve had previous treatments so maybe I’m tougher now (?) and everyone’s body reacts differently. I’m the wuss who never rips her bandaids off, so while I’d like to think I’m tough I really do not have any tolerance for pain.

The place is super clean and pretty. It is so professional and relaxing. Plus it is so easy to find, right on Sunrise Highway with NO store front. I’m so over hidden places that are difficult to find.

Show up to your first appointment about 15 minutes early or so to fill out the necessary paperwork. Tips can be made on credit card or cash. I Have totally recommended Perfect Body to everyone I know. Hopefully someone reading this will find my review helpful because they are great!

Laura Kauffman of Bellmore, NY